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23 November 2007 @ 06:47 pm
Fonts: dafont[dot]com.

Brushes: feel.hironeko[dot]net, ego-box[dot]com, aethereality[dot]net, brusheezy[dot]com, hawksmont @ brusheezy, celestial-star[dot]net/brushes, pixels&icecream @ brusheezy, Redheadstock @ brusheezy.
Pictures sources: animerain[dot]net, ouran.koukou[dot]org, kh-2[dot]net, khinsider[dot]net, Aiko Yamada, the community: hikaruxkaoru, benihime[dot]nu/ouran, cherrim, pandorahearts.

Textures: oceandreams, bulgocrazyi, bubbles001, the_justiner, sakusei, , necil, vous_le_savez, toybirds, coy_dreamer, tearjerkericons, the_preamble, striped_s0cks, photogrph_smile, erniemay nineteen07, brokendogma, below_blues, ultravioleticon, creaphics, champagnetoast, xaddictionsx, ohmydeanna, windystreets, latastic, my_truth, causefire, antoicaro, anliah, antagia, flashbackblanky, below_blues, alien_dreams, spooky_window, _oluha_, metaspeshul.

If you cannot find a resource in any of these places, I might have made it myself. Just ask if you need it. ;D

Tell me if you do not see your resource credited!! :DD